Necessary Horse Riding Equipment

Nothing truly compares to the feeling of riding a horse whether for pleasure or sport or a combination of the two. The proper equipment is necessary to ensure a safe ride for the horse riding Essaouira person as well as comfort for the animal too. All of the little extras to keep the horse comfortable while out riding, in the field or when on the road travelling make the difference for the animal and the owner. Various styles of numnahs and saddlecloths are available to fit all ranges of saddles. Taking the time to properly outfit the animal with the proper riding equipment is the sure way to gain the maximum benefit while riding and provide the animal with optimal comfort as well.

The type of horse riding equipment necessary will depend on the riding to be done. Horse riding equipment used at a horse show will differ from the type of equipment that must be used for day riding. When planning to ride a horse for day trips, each animal should have a saddle, halter, saddle blanket, lead rope, saddle bags, bridle and old cinch. A horse well outfitted with the proper horse riding equipment can not only provide hours of travel but an owner can take comfort in knowing that the animal is not being subject to injury such as rope burns when tied stock to a tree.

Proper horse riding equipment is not limited to the items that the horse will wear directly. General items for stock for horse day trips include an emergency shoe for the horse, the type that anyone can put on directly. Horses are subject to insects just as people are and a day trip should include insect repellent for horses. A first aid kit for horses which includes antibiotic ointment, elastic bandages, large sized gauge tape and salve at a minimum should a horse riding accident occur during the day.

A properly rested horse can provide many enjoyable hours of riding. Of course, having the necessary riding equipment makes the major difference between a full day trip and having to cut a trip short due to a horse injury on the trip. Having an equipment check list for riding can ensure that everything both horse and rider need for the trip is included and on hand if needed. From the proper bridle to particular food and water for an equestrian day trip, taking along the necessary horse riding equipment offers safety and protection for both horse and rider.

Necessary Horse Riding Equipment
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